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Can your outdated traditional storage methods keep up with your growing data?

The Challenge: According to Gartner they estimate that traditional content types including simple unstructured user data, is seeing rapid growth rates of up to 80% year-over-year. Is your current storage system able to keep up with that new data?

Scala Storage Can!

The Solution: Scala Storage has been designed from the ground up to support rapid storage needs and archive growth to support tens of TBs to hundreds for PB of storage requests.


Single name space, highly scalable storage systems meets the needs of enterprise and its applications as needs grow.


Add or remove systems resources while the system is online for applications.


No single point of failure, predictable failure detection and auto-healing to ensure no system downtime.


Native POSIX compatibility and support of SMB and NFS protocol.


Unified Global Namespace for aggregates disk resources for easy management, while having everything you need in single pane of Web GUI interface.


Dedicated metadata controller with aggregated network and storage node performance supports high concurrency computing with large / small files in millions of entries.