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Does your current storage infrastructure keep your head spinning? Scala Storage can help.

Does your current storage infrastructure keep your head spinning? Multiple volume, RAID Group, RAID Set, Volume size, multi-pathing, write back cache, dual channel, the list goes on and on...Shouldn't you spend more time on IT innovation rather than maintaining your old storage infrastructire?

Scala Storage stops the Spinning.

With Scala Stoarge, we provide a single storage name space that can grow with you need it. It seamlessly deploys without service downtime. You can manage all clients, and TB to PB of storage in a single interface, while providing you a lower TCO.


Single name space, highly scalable storage systems meets the needs of enterprise and its applications as needs grow.


Add or remove systems resources while the system is online for applications.


No single point of failure, predictable failure detection and auto-healing to ensure no system downtime.


Native POSIX compatibility and support of SMB and NFS protocol.


Unified Global Namespace for aggregates disk resources for easy management, while having everything you need in single pane of Web GUI interface.


Dedicated metadata controller with aggregated network and storage node performance supports high concurrency computing with large / small files in millions of entries.