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Life Science - High Throughput Sequencing

Life Science Data platform for storing, sharing and analyzing Genomics and Clinical & Pharmaceutical Research

Storage Challenge

The Life Science Industry’s need for storing sequence processing and research data creates a substantial need for scale-out storage. The constantly increasing storage needs in genetic sequencing environments puts a heavy strain on storage infrastructure. As data grows, scale-out storage becomes vital in the continual sustainability of the array. In the life science industry, research data is always processing while high speed file search places an emphasis on the importance of performance. As research data iterations grow exponentially, the need to access research data on demand requires the most demanding performance.

- High capacity requirements are needed for sequencing

- Many sets of storage structures needed for sequencing

- Heavy file look up results in creating iteration after iteration of data. This leads to performance and storage issues

- High work flow increases the likelihood of system compromise

Scala Storage Solutions

The major use of storage in the life science industry is in the application of sequencing technology, microscopy resolution, and medical imaging. These needs are driving unprecedented growth in research data. Scale-out network attached storage solutions increase the productivity of life science and bioinformatics workflows while driving down complexity and cost. Scala Storage solutions are ideal for academic medical centers, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, biotechnology organizations.

- Manage high capacity storage in less time than traditional storage solutions

- Proven solutions achieve greater productivity for mission critical research applications and workflows enabling immediate access to critical data

- High availability ensures your data is always available so you can continue research without interruption

- Lower storage costs, increased scalability and efficiency