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Scala Storage announces Cinder Driver Support for OpenStack

Scala Storage - scalable storage systems, announces their support for KVM and OpenStack Cinder Ready Driver to simplify deployment of Cloud Storage Service.

City of Industry, California, July 9, 2015 - Scala Storage, a scalable storage system designed for high concurrency computing and big data applications, announces support for OpenStack Cinder Ready Driver to support cloud environments. The support for OpenStack and KVM allows deployment of virtual machines with Scala Storage Systems.

OpenStack is an open source cloud software that is used in public and private cloud environments. Scala Storage developed a Cinder driver that directly supports OpenStack, offering reliability and features rich, block-level data transfer. The features of Scala Storage Systems can be fully integrated with OpenStack environments such as linear performance, capacity increase, and high-performance in concurrency environments, single namespace and unlimited expansion without a forklift upgrade.