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Oil and Energy

Accelerate complex and mission-critical workflows with unmatched performance and scalability

Storage Challenge

The Oil and Energy industry requires a combination of both high performance computing (HPC) and high capacity storage. An ideal seismic data storage solution requires accelerated, complex mission- critical workflows and highly scalable storage for the increasing amount of data collected. At the same time the ideal seismic data storage has to be highly available yet easy to manage.

- Thousands of computing nodes read and write together creating high requirements for IO and performance.

- High storage capacity requirements: 2D data requires over tens of gigabytes, 3D data requires over hundreds of gigabytes while geographic calculations require tens and hundreds of terabytes.

- As data increases at rapid rates administration of the storage and expansion require immediate response with uninterrupted service.

- Mission critical, high availability, ease of management.

Scala Storage Solutions

Scala Storage Scale-Out Solutions greatly accelerate complex and mission-critical workflows with unmatched performance, scalability, data availability and ease of use. Scala Storage meets the data-intensive demands of the Oil and Energy industry which is great for:

- Industry leading Exploration and Production (E&P) application support.

- Managing massive data growth.

- Effectively processing thousands of computing nodes to process stored data with combined bandwidth by using clustered metadata controllers and storage nodes.

- Capacity requirements over 300PB.

- Reducing capital investment: pay-as-you-grow with up to 80% utilization rate.