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Tired to keep addition storage to support your workflow?

Scala Storage's Unlimited Storage Expansion and Single Namespace provides a future proof storage platform for your demanding media and entertainment storage requirements

Unlimited Expansion

Scala Storage is highly elastic - Add or remove storage space while the storage platform is online. You no longer need to worry about 2K to 4K to 5K conversions as there is no limit of how many petabytes of storage you can add.

Single Namespace

Adding additional storage does not change anything on your current setup. Storage sizes grow automatically as you add more storage space in the same location!

Sharable Contents between different platform

Whether you have editors, rendering servers, or video on demand requests, all content is shared in the same location for collaboration. Supports 3D Maya, PixelMen, Final Cut Pro, Avid and Premiere in Windows, Linux and MAC applications.

Exceptional Performance

Scala Storage structures as linear growth for performance and capacity. More storage you add to the storage systems will increase the performance linearly.