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Scale Out Storage and Video Surveillance

Storage Challenge

IP-based video surveillance technologies have an ever growing need for higher storage capacity. Higher video resolution and longer data retention are driving overall system costs and complexity challenging organizations to find bigger, better, faster, and more economic ways to get the job done.

Block based RAID iSCSI storage systems with tape archives present issues with today growing storage needs. Data protection through RAID is stressed from large storage requirements presenting a challenge to maintain balanced data streams between RAID and tape archives. In the event of multiple drive failure, significant RAID rebuild times leaves your system in degrade mode with low throughput and an increased risk of data loss. Old methods of storing and protecting data simply cannot keep up with today storage growth.

- High storage capacity requirements: high megapixel IP camera can generate an enormous amount of data per day. A typical 1 megapixel camera can generate up to 160GB per day while a 16 megapixel camera system can generate up to 1.6TB per day.

- Government regulations require 6 months or longer video retention thus increasing the total overall storage requirements.

- The CCTV Industry has been reducing camera resolutions and/or frame rates for systems with limited storage but low-res content cannot be used in the court of law.

- Videos are saved on DVRs as an individual silo storage that does not allow sharing for analytical purposes.

Scala Storage Solutions

The next generation of surveillance storage is here. The Scala Storage Scale-out Solution provides infinite scalability, efficiency, and flexibility that exceeds any limitations present in today traditional surveillance storage methods.

- Unlimited scale-out capacity to meet retention and quality needs

- No single point of failure for high availability and reliability

- Video can be kept as long as needed for future analysis until scheduled for deletion

- Scala Storage provides a single pool of data storage for NVR networking and analytics stations

- Unlimited performance scaling to meet the demand of the highest camera resolutions

- Auto self-healing for the absolute minimal impact to system performance

- Centralized Management GUI for easy configuration, management and monitoring

- Best TCO with no limitations, restrictions or surprises